Sunday, 31 March 2013

Craft Kits – 5 Reasons to Choose a Pre-Made Craft Project

Craft kits are a fantastic way to get creative with your children. No matter how little time you may have, a pre-prepared art kit is ideal, as you know that everything you need is included and ready to go. Full instructions are provided for your kids to follow, so you don’t need to be a great artist yourself – just get involved! Craft kits can be very economical too, as you don’t have to buy large quantities of each material and there is no waste. Why not set aside a day a week to complete an art project with your child? The Smarty Arty’s monthly art pack delivery gives you 4 new art packs home delivered each month, exploring various themes and often tying in with upcoming celebrations like Easter or Australia Day.

1. Age specific projects to stimulate creativity

Grow your child’s creative streak with a craft activity appropriate to their age. Craft packs from the Smarty Arty art store are suited to children from 18 months of age, with different kits available to suit to each age group. Art sets are designed to target specific skills and learning outcomes, so choosing a compatible kit and completing the project is easy.

2. Craft packs make learning interesting

Your little one doesn’t need to know that they are learning while having fun with a craft kit. Art and craft assists children’s learning retention. Through art, kids not only see and hear sounds, numbers and words, but they connect with concepts through a hands-on approach to learning.

3. Art projects help to develop cognitive skills

Art participation and education supplies your child with cognitive skills, that is, learning skills that are vital to success in your child’s schooling and life in general. Focussing on a task, not being distracted and multi-tasking are very important learning outcomes that can be learned through partaking in craft projects. Art and craft provides the perfect fun and relaxed environment in which to practise cognitive skills, in turn heightening their development.

4. Fine motor skills increase through art material manipulation

The actions of threading beads, cutting paper or pinching and rolling play dough assist with the development of fine motor skills. Without effective fine motor abilities, key proficiencies such as handwriting cannot be attained. From an early age, Smarty Arty’s craft packs will hone your child’s fine motor skills and you will see a marked improvement in your child’s ability to do more things for themselves. This is why regular craft involvement is so important for young children.

5. Pre-made craft kits save time and money

Craft packs contain everything you need to complete a set art project with your child. This means that you don’t need to spend time researching an age-appropriate activity. You don’t need to search for the art supplies online (usually having to buy a lot more than you actually need!). You don’t even need to prepare the materials. You can launch straight into an art project whenever the mood strikes. And you’re never left with unnecessary materials that you have no use for at the end!

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