Thursday, 14 May 2015

Family Day Care...... A great start to your child's future.

I am sure our Master 5 should be in acting school. With no outside input what - so - ever he comes up with characters and sets about creating them. A few days ago he asked me to make him a moustache, to which I printed off a sheet from Google with about 10 different ones, he then proceeded to cut out and tape it on his face, and what he is carrying is his own homemade laptop made from a cardboard box he cut, decorated and taped so it would open and shut. Later the he came up to me and shook my hand saying Good evening madam, I am Mr Davidson, I am here to do business with you.

Upon trying to not laugh – hysterically, I try to remain in his world to learn more of his scenario he is playing out. We sat at the table and discussed the price of power before he asked me did we have a deal and shook my hand and wandered off, to which a few minutes later he wandered back through, told me Mr Davidson would pose for one photo – see photo…. He then checked such photo, smiled and came back a few minutes later as Jude again.
WTF??? Mr Davidson – where did he get that from? We don’t know anyone called that. And the business dealings? Way too funny not to join in, he certainly is the entertainer of the family.
Later that evening after dinner, showers and nearly bed time, Mr Davidson re emerged to sit with Mr Police Officer (aka Dad) on our bed, to which he had so discreetly put his play handcuffs on the edge of moments before his arrival, to leading a discussion saying yes officer I know I did some shady dealings and I agree I am a bad man and should be sent to jail at once……to which Mr Police officer obliged and cuffed Mr Davidson and dragged him off to his cell (aka his bedroom) before tucking our little amazing boy into bed.
Where does all this come from????? I don’t know….but I do know one thing. Play is important. Our children can emerge themselves in any world or scenario and they don’t even need direction from an adult, it is handy however if you play along in their game when required and enjoy the ride of their imagination.
Jude makes up these kinds of scenarios all the time; he is a constant form of entertainment for our family and many others. He has a powerful imagination that never seems to be limited. He quite often uses props or makes his own and will come to me when he needs help, like can I use this long cardboard roll, I am making an ironman rocket. I will also need to you hot glue this on the top of it and I need orange, green and silver paint. 10min of my time helping him set it up, and he is good for hours, as he builds and creates.

He is a problem solver, a visionary, a writer, an actor, a designer, a creator, and inventor a story teller and my son!!
Jude has grown up in FDC (Family Day Care) place where magic happens, not in the documenting or the learning stories, although I could write pages and pages on the learning he is discovering, but in the play and space the children are given and encouraged to discover themselves and the world around them. Not all children have quite the same active imagination as Jude, but in FDC children are given the space and time to be the individuals that they are. They are not herded as a group but share interactions with others and allowed to be individuals and flourish in their own right.

Family Day Care is a choice and a great one, and I feel no better place for your child to prepare for school as a confident self assured young person that they are. There are 1000’s of Family Day Carers right around Australia ready to assist you and your child to prepare for a bright future.

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